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Cementing Safely - Confidence in Concrete

As technology progresses, so does the demand for high quality home improvements. Luxury has become more of a commodity in recent years. Everywhere around you, from online sources to advertisements, there are homeowners who are seeking to do both big and small renovations on their own.

Most people may be okay with doing small renovations for their houses, but bigger projects such as driveways, patios, walkways or similar sized projects. These major projects, if done wrong, might cause irreversible damage, or worse, heavy bodily injuries.

To ensure that not only is your home spic and span, but also your safety guaranteed, your best bet is hiring an expert. Our team at Concrete Contractors Wirt are dedicated professionals specializing in heavy home remodelling projects. We ensure you the best in quality, experience and reliability.

Concrete Contractors Wirt is here to guarantee that your concrete needs are done in a professional and timely manner. Be it residential or commercial. Our years of expertise in the areas of both commercial and residential concrete services have led to great achievements, satisfied clients and we have contributed massively to the structural integrity of Wirt, Oklahoma.

As a homeowner or business owner in Wirt, you should be aware of how wild the weather gets in Oklahoma, especially winter and summer. From biting cold winds to blazing heat storms, these weather changes are the perfect recipe for disaster for unprofessionally done concrete. For example, you might love the sunny, warm, long days of summer, or the romantic, cuddle days of winter. But these huge variables in temperature and moisture will cause concrete to wear and tear, finally breaking apart after a long period of time.

We at Concrete Contractors Wirt know exactly how to properly pour and seal concrete so that it is resistant to the changes and damage that extreme heat or cold can produce. When it comes to concrete, we are real magicians at our crafts.

The experienced professionals at Concrete Contractors Wirt offer the following in residential and commercial concrete services:Wirt

Our Services

Concrete Contractors Wirt is our name, and concrete services is our game. We offer anything and everything that has to do with concrete. Thinking of spicing up your whole house? Maybe the interiors or your exteriors? You might even want a new basement or improve the foundation of your house.

Well we can do that, and so much more. Not only is our services wide and vast, we also offer pure affordability for any income household.  Don’t know what else to do? We also offer consultation services for some groundbreaking insight on how to revamp your home.

stamped concrete

Are you feeling adventurous? Do you want a new outdoor that looks both rustic and modern, minimalistic yet extravagant? We offer that and more!

Our services let you jazz up your patio, driveway, walkway, and any outdoor home stuff with a vast selection of stamped concrete designs. Enjoy access to endless color choices, patterns to choose from to make your space 100% you. Our services reimagine stamped concrete in terms of designs and functionality. Adhered by concrete of the highest quality, we will help conceptualize even the most abstract ideas, and bring it into reality.

Our services at Concrete Contractors Wirt cater to all types imaginable and unimaginable of stamped concrete variables. From concrete can even mimic the beauty of natural stone patterns, such as slate or flagstone to concrete that even looks, feels and smells like wood (with all the best properties of concrete of course!)

Give a new feel to your outdoors and enjoy a change of lifestyle in the most affordable way possible with our exceptional stamped concretes. Regardless if it’s your patio or your pool deck, we will transform your space into the most extravagant pieces of art you can ever imagine!


Speaking of luxury, nothing screams luxury more than a floor tiled with stained concrete. The installation of stained concrete provides a regal, almost royal feel to your exterior or interior spaces. Live like a king, but spend like a peasant is what we like to say here at Concrete Contractors Wirt

Regardless of what you want to do with your flooring, our team of experts will help you enhance the very ground you walk on. Basements, patios, walkways, driveways, chimneys, even bathrooms! With stained concrete, you would feel like you are walking on a million bucks!

southbend concrete driveway poured

The picturesque perfect house in everyone’s dreams always has 2 common things. An apple tree in the front yard and a beautiful driveway leading into the garage. In fact, imagining a house without those 2 things just feel so empty, like wearing a suit without a belt.

We can’t promise you an apple tree (we can plant it for you if you like), but we can definitely promise you the best damn driveway Oklahoma has ever seen. Our driveways are tough, resilient, and durable to withstand the exposure of our wild Oklahoman weather and continuous pressure from heavy machineries, from sedans and SUVs to tractors and forklifts.

You know, most driveways are made out of asphalt to the contempt of our team at Concrete Contractors Wirt. Why? It is because it is extremely inferior to concrete. Not only does it require much more frequent maintenance than concrete,  it also does not withstand or hold up to harsh Oklahoman weather nearly as well. 

Furthermore, concrete driveways provide a better look than asphalt and can last for up to centuries with professional installation and constant maintenance. The downside to it all is the price. Concrete driveways can be bigger and more expensive, however, often the cost will pay for itself in terms of life and less durability. So if you are in it for the long run, definitely go for concrete!

concrete patio in outdoor space

Do you remember barbecues back at meemaw’s house. The family all gathered together while our uncle fired up the grill. We would sit by the patio and eat our food while making fun of each other like any other happy family would. 

The patio truly was a place for many memories. We would never forget these moments. We but you would not too. You would agree the patio is truly a magical and wonderful place to make beautiful memories. From Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving to countdowns and birthdays and so much more. A patio that lasts for a lifetime is a lifetime of making memories. Thus we have dedicated our crafts into becoming the best memory preservers in Wirt through our concrete.


Our services allow you to design your patios in many forms. You can be left in its natural, un-altered state for a minimalistic look, or opt to customize it dashingly through the process of stamping or staining the concrete.

You might be considering bricks for your patio, but don’t do it. Hear us out. Although brics and natural stone are also popular choices for patio materials, concrete has stood the test of time due to its durability, ease of maintenance, and weather resistance. It is both the smarter and cheaper option for your dream patio. 

concrete walk way

Concrete is the ideal material for any sidewalk. Be it indoors or outdoors, concrete makes sidewalks safer and sturdier overall due to its high durability and resistance factor. In fact, the very essence of sidewalks, walkways and pavements are to be high traffic areas. They have to be built to withstand extreme pressure regularly as a safety precaution for infrastructure. 

With the safety of civilians as the primary concern, you need something that is durable and built to last. Why? When cracks occur, sidewalks and pavements and paths must be repaired quickly and efficiently. Failure to repair even the smallest amount of damages can create a domino effect. It could keep cracking and becoming bigger, causing uneven surfaces and becoming a tripping hazard at least, and in severe cases an infringement to infrastructural safety.

We at Concrete Contractors Wirt are dedicated in ensuring this never happens to anyone in Oklahoma with our state of the art concrete.

stamped concrete

What do you imagine when you think of concrete? A grey slab of rocky protection? Well, you are right. But also wrong. Concrete is indeed protective, but it does not have to be boring and grey. In fact, concrete can be pieces of art, and look absolutely stunning with proper love and care. We at Concrete Contractors Wirt see it as a blank canvas, waiting to be painted on. 

We offer homeowners and business owners alike the chance to decorate their homes with lavishing concrete. Our mission is to give you the most vibrant and luxurious artistic expression, all without compromising functionality. Also, we can guarantee one thing. Our decorative concrete is not only low maintenance; it also lasts for generations to come.

The best part of all?

We are offering our services for extremely low prices. We do not want to be some unattainable service that is only affordable by the higher class. We want to be accessible to even the lowest class people, and give everyone what they deserve — a safe and beautiful home. Our team at CCA is always willing to help you make your very own unique statement with concrete masterpieces. We offer this service in two ways: stamped concrete and stained concrete.

concrete foundation

Regardless if you are building or rebuilding, we are here to help you out. With utmost durability and functionality in mind, our team at Concrete Contractors Wirt guarantees your home with a solid foundation built upon the best quality concrete in the country.

As Wirt, Oklahoma is our home, we would like to see it prosper for generations to come. Thus we have made our services extremely affordable and accessible even to the lowest class. Our team of experts is always readily available to answer any and all concrete related questions you may have in mind. 

Concrete Basement

Most people think that concrete for their basement is disgusting. It becomes wet, damp and moldy, plus it has spooky dungeon vibes. But contrary to popular belief, this is not the case. In fact, concrete floors offer the ultimate choice of versatility for basements. 

Concrete floors in your basement are the perfect place to test out decorative concrete for use in your house. It won’t feel cold, disgusting and moist. Nor will it look or feel like a dungeon. The truth is concrete is so well-insulated due to its heat retention that people love to chill in the basement during winters.

Trust us, try our concrete basement services and you will be amazed at how much your basement can mean so much more than it’s stereotype.

Our team at Concrete Contractors Wirt believe that anything can be repaired. Although concrete is highly durable, and beautiful, it does require routine evaluation to ensure there is no damage. Small areas of damage if left unchecked can become extremely problematic as the cracks will spread and finally shatter after a long duration.

To ensure the safety of your home and yourself, as soon as uneven areas are noticed in your concrete surface, it is necessary to get them evaluated and repaired as soon as possible. Our team of professionals at Concrete Contractors Wirt will ensure that these issues are repaired quickly and efficiently, thus saving you from a future headache or worse, a trip to the hospital.


We at Concrete Contractors Wirt believe that every business deserves the strongest foundations. We have built each other up for many years, and will continue to do so evermore. We offer our business brethren an opportunity to build an unshakeable foundation of concrete for many generations to come.

Regardless if you are considering to rebuild your empire or bring it from the ground up, our commercial concrete services provide you with the best tools to succeed. Our team has the expertise, the tools and fills every requirement necessary to create wondrous concrete monuments built to stand the tests of time.

Our experts and Concrete Contractors Wirt strive to tackle any projects you may need to be done and all the right tools to get it completed all the way professionally. We build your empire with your satisfaction in mind. Of course, as professionals, we are mindful of liability concerns, regulatory compliance, and ADA compliance. Our team will ensure that your project is built according to strict government codes. At Concrete Contractors Wirt, your safety is our top priority.