Concrete Construction

Our team at Concrete Contractors Ardmore truly excels at creating the best in durable, and prettiest structural cement work.  Just like in the word itself. Foundation; we are helping our founding nation build up their structure and foundation. America was built upon concrete. Cement founded this nation; therefore it’s in the words — concrete is the foundation. Foundation is responsible for the structural integrity of any concrete building.Our expert contractors at Concrete Contractors Ardmore are dedicated to ensure that your foundation is professionally done.

In terms of residential concrete, always remember that your house has the chance to wear and tear. If it starts to crack from the side, then you might be in trouble. It is even worse if things such as gaps appear around your exterior such as your doors and windows, or your structure. The best option for you in order to prevent this is to hire a team of experts to do the dirty work. At Concrete Contractors Ardmore, we are trained to deal with these issues. We use the best methods available and heavily inspect your house before beginning the job.From ensuring soil anti erosion to termite infestation and more. We ensure there are no problems before continuing with the job, if there are problems, we will promptly fix them for you.

Speaking of soil erosion, given the fact Oklahoma rains a lot, this is a serious concern for civilians of Ardmore. The stormy weather can be quite damaging to your concrete. So, we will ensure the integrity of all elements of the foundation, from all aspects of your home and office and ensure a completely safe and professional concrete service.

Concrete Basement

The basement is quite a popular choice amongst our services. Most people feel like their concrete basements are cold, damp, disgusting and growing with mold. This can be true, especially if the concrete is installed incorrectly.

However, concrete that is professionally installed can be a huge game changer for your basement. Your floors and walls will not only be well insulated, it also prevents mildew from growing. A full concrete basement also enforces the overall structure of your home by giving it an extra layer of protection.

By remodelling your basement with full concrete, you are not only able to effectively strengthen your home, but you also have the opportunity to add a whole new room for an incredibly low cost. A basement that is well insulated and protected from mildew can be the perfect hideout during the winter, or even converted into a room you have always dreamed of, such as a game room or a movie theatre.

A basement built and enforced with concrete is actually an often overlooked opportunity to make the most out of your home, without breaking the bank. We at Concrete Contractors Ardmore are dedicated in helping you achieve this unknown desire because we ourselves believe that the basement is a hidden gem of home improvements.