People often misunderstand Oklahoma. They think we’re a bunch of rednecks, but we’re actually savvy businessmen. Our long generation of cattle wranglers have become boys in suits, striking deals with the big man. As proud people of Ardmore, we extend our services to businessmen of Oklahoma to ensure the glory of their empire.

Our focus on design and functionality ensures only the most stable foundations for your enterprise. With a vast selection of commercial concrete service choices, we create unique and aesthetically pleasing concrete works of art with the intent of incredible durability; with your safety in minds.

Our team at Concrete Contractors Ardmore handle this service with maximum professionalism, following all laws and standard procedures to ensure zero mistakes. We are ADA compliant and follow strict guidelines provided by the government. 

In fact, commercial concrete is becoming bigger and bigger these days.The concrete jungle is ever-growing as enterprises are constantly being created, and consistently growing. Contrary to popular belief, asphalt, wood, and metal are slowly losing its demand in the market. That is because asphalt and wood are not good for concrete jungles, they are too flimsy and highly subjected to environmental changes.

On the flip side, concrete is exceptionally sturdy and essentially requires zero maintenance. It is built to withstand heavy-duty vehicles from buses to trains and 4 wheel drives, concrete handles it all. Under the same circumstances, asphalt will break. Why else do you think there are so many potholes in Ardmore?

Plus, concrete is one of the coolest materials on the planet. No we do not mean it like how the kids say it. We do, but hear us out. — Concrete absorbs less heat than metal, glass and asphalt. The insulation of concrete is also outstanding! That means a building made out of concrete can keep you cold and cozy in the summer and warm and comfy in the winter. Talk about a game changer. You would save so much in electricity bills.

Speaking of bills, did you know concrete also helps you save on light bills? That is because it is easier to see in a concrete building. Why? Concrete reflects better than asphalt. Your car headlights will shine further on a concrete floor rather than on asphalt. The next time you are driving on concrete vs asphalt, take a mental note of how far your headlights reach.

As a business owner, you can see how much benefit this brings to the table. Lower overhead costs from electricity, better insulation, fewer casualties due to higher visibility (less crime rate), and much more!

We at Concrete Contractors Ardmore understand what it is like to work in the office, and our mission is to ensure that every office in Oklahoma is cozy, comfortable and above all — safe.